I Thought I Was Stronger

I thought I was stronger than I feel right now....so many emotions...and I don't know whether to cry...or just laugh hysterically. I miss so much...so many people...so many places....so many things. I am beyond blessed....an amazing son....a strong and loving family....encouraging and supportive friends...so whuck is going on? I have no idea....well I take that back...I have an idea...and it sucks....because I hate feeling like this.

I miss Stillwater:

I miss my mom more than anything. I miss knowing where I'm going without thinking about it. I miss having 2 Wal-Marts. I miss Boomer Lake. I miss game-day weekends. I miss McAlister's with K...I miss K!!! I miss card night with the girls....G, M, and R. I miss Orange Friday's. I miss Ross. I miss the Foundation...especially EB, AD, LW, JL, CL, SK, KW, CR, and LW. I miss my ward. I miss Louie's. I miss Calf Fry and College Days. I miss Meanie cat. I miss my neighborhood....and my neighbors! I miss RMCF.

I miss Abby's blue lights. I miss talking to G....we're too far! I miss the university. I miss Walk MS. I miss Bedlam! I miss wrestling. I miss the Renaissance. I miss the Valero. I miss the rain....the thunderstorms. I miss my house....my room...my CLOSET! I miss the Tunnel Wash. I miss Daylight Donuts...I know E misses them too! I miss the campus bells!

 I miss Main St...and Perkins....and McElroy. I miss the Sea of Orange. I miss The Strip. I miss Bad Brad's BBQ...and all the Joe's. I miss Sonic happy hour! I MISS MY MOM!!!!!!

I miss so much about my hometown...every little thing that I didn't even realize existed until now. I miss my home...I miss my friends...I miss my life.

I know moving was the best thing for me and E....and everyone else that was involved...and I don't regret it at all. So many wonderful things have happened because of this move....but I still miss Stillwater....and I know I'll always miss it. I'm grateful, more than anything, to have a place to call home...and I'm grateful it's Stillwater.


  1. We miss you, too, Cara! The fabulous thing about it all is that missing things means you'll appreciate them even more when you come visit...OFTEN. Stay strong my brave friend. The good stuff will always be here waiting for you. :)

  2. We all love and miss you dearly :) But as we have seen this move was amazing for you. Never forget your roots, but grow and share your story with NEVER forget to visit :)

  3. miss you too! But you are strong. You are great and going to experience some really awesome places being out of the college town. Enjoy where you are right now. God placed you there for His reasons. <3 You!