• I am: a mom, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a laugher, a random individual, a slight perfectionist, and a little bit of a control freak.
  • I think: life is often hard, and because of that we need to relish in the joyful moments.
  • I know: I am capable of and deserve everything I want in life.
  • I want: happiness, love.
  • I have: an amazing family and awesome friends...I delight in the stability of their chaos.
  • I dislike: confusion, dishonesty.
  • I miss: the energy I once had. The ability to jump out of bed, ready to take on the day.
  • I fear: being alone, not being able to give Easton everything he deserves.
  • I feel: compelled to live the golden rule....even if no one else does.
  • I hear: music, always.
  • I smell: nothing...OK spring = allergies :o)
  • I crave: attention and acknowledgment from those I love...and the occasional Tiger Butter Apple!
  • I usually: wear heels...but my feet always crave flip flops!
  • I cry: more now than I ever have before...when I feel the pressure of life the most.
  • I search: for socks....Eastons tiny socks....daily.
  • I wonder: if I'll ever love myself so someone else can love me too.
  • I regret: not spending more time with my dad before he passed away, quitting piano, and losing touch with some wonderful friends.
  • I wish: on occasion, I could rewind the day and start over...I love my life...but I make enough mistakes for an army...usually before 10 a.m.
  • I love: the sound of Easton snoring when he's truly asleep, the way my nephew cries when we have to say goodbye because I know I mean as much to him as he means to me, the way my family has grown closer since we've all "grown up", the cool feeling of my sheets when I first crawl into bed, and smells that remind me of my past.
  • I care: about people, deeply.
  • I always: count my flaws when I should be counting my blessings.
  • I see: people's potential and wish they could see it too.
  • I worry: about everything, but mostly about making good decisions.
  • I am not: the "typical" girl.
  • I remember: more how people make me feel, good or bad.
  • I believe: in karma.
  • I sing: in the car....when I'm alone.
  • I argue: when I feel someone can't see my point of view.
  • I write: far too little...I'm working hard on this blog though!
  • I win: very seldomly. Competitive by nature, but less concerned with winning...if that even makes sense.
  • I lose: when it comes to relationships.
  • I don't understand: why I've had to learn several of the lessons I've learned.
  • I usually can be found: picking up toys, doing laundry, or playing with my sweetheart.
  • I need: to lighten up when it comes to spontaneity....but easier said than done!
  • I forget: almost instantly...Easton's attention span will surpass mine by the time he's in school I'm sure.
  • I'm happy: with my life...the decisions I've made...and the person I'm becoming.

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