All the Single Mommies...

I follow a lot of blogs...they're somewhat of an escape for me. Reading about other people's ups and downs, following their lives, and occasionally having a "me too!" moment. However, when I sit to write about the day to day happenings that make up my oh-so-glamorous life I'm stumped. I have nothing to say, nothing profound to leave on the inter-webs, not anything funny to write about, and to be honest nothing interesting at all to entertain the small crowd that knows this blog exists. I started this blog to update family and friends on Mr. E's progress...and well, I failed...big surprise! He's now 3 and I've posted a half dozen times....some sort of record I'm sure, right? Sooooooo with that being said I'm changing it up a little...I'm going to just update you on life...our crazy, beautiful, oh-so-glamorous life...get excited!

As most of you know, I'm a single mama. Which means, for about 95% of the time I'm parent numero uno! Which in turn makes me a professional...trust me on this one...I know everything! :::smiley face wink:::

Back to reality...or wait, my oh-so-glamorous life.
My little man, my pride and joy, apple of my eye, my absolute entire world - is about to send me to the looney bin...seriously. Everything is a fight...putting on his shoes, picking up his toys, going to bed, brushing his teeth, eating his veggies (or anything other than chips at this point)...all things I do as a mother to annoy the holy schmidt out of him, right? Of course!

He's 3, and I get that...but why hasn't he learned that I'm the boss?!?!? I tell him every day! I've even answered his many "why?" questions with "because I'm the mommy, that's why!" and he still hasn't learned! We have our good days and our bad days...at this point I wonder if he's bipolar. Just yesterday he had such an emotional morning (and I still can't figure out what set him off) that I almost called in sick to work. Kicking and screaming, for what I don't know because he never actually told me.

However....at the end of the day (or at least most days) he cuddles up to me, tells me I'm his favorite, and everything is back to perfect. I try hard to be mom and dad both and I feel like I fail most days...and as he gets older it gets just a little bit harder to figure him out. At some point I'll figure it out...I'm sure...but until then I suppose I could just sit back and enjoy the roller coaster ride. Weeeee!!!! And yes...that's my child on the potty....enjoy!

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