sometimes I wonder...

How the heck did I get such great friends? No joke...if I were lying I'd have been struck down years ago.

I have the kind of friends you can call/text/email/letter in a bottle/smoke signal/telegram/singing quartet anytime, anywhere.

These are the men and women that keep me sane and happy....and insanely happy.

Allow me to explain....I took a poll....I needed some sunshine blown up my rear and who better to do that than my posse? I told my friends to give me reasons why they love me....hoping they would be funny (because I need a good laugh)....but this is what I got...I have nothing but sweet friends...and a few of them moved up the rankings ;-) But here's a few responses...in no particular order
  • Gretchen: Ok...ha! I love how vulnerable you are. Like you are completely transparent and only goodness. Not many people are that innately good. Gretchen - the only chick that can make me laugh and cry at the same time - you were the first to respond and I know it's because you're always there when I need you!
  • Briley: Ur contagious laugh and smile :o) I'm contagious because I'm dorky and you totally know that!
  • Paula: (deserves the best response EVER award!) Who said I loved you? Seriously, I love that you are always cheerful and that you say I'm your favorite. :o) You DO love me and you ARE my favorite....just don't tell anyone!
  • Amber: (deserves the "thank you for being funny about this" award) Your poop. Your kid. Your ability to change subjects mid sentence. Your willingness to grab free soda at the casino. Your farts in my general direction. I'm just getting started.... Sorry I farted in your purse!
  • Blaire: I LOVE your fun personality and your sense of humor...plus you seem to be a great mama who is always looking out for Mr. E...and I love that too!! I love that you laugh at my jokes! I always feel super funny around you!
  • Jake: I really love your hair...and a$$. Jake - holy crap what would I do without your random texts?!?!
  • Annie: I love your fun personality! And your smile! No - I love YOUR smile - and I still think you're a hooker for leaving us....but I do still love you so it's okay!
  • Ashton: I love that you're nurturing/motherly. You practically raised Kelsey and me! O.M.G. My babies before my baby! I pride myself on having a hand in raising you! HUGS!
  • LaRonna: Very comical, pretty, sweet, you like my kids so that is a big plus in my book! I could go on and on all day...you are great. I love your girls....and I totally don't use you to hang out with them....nooooooo ;o)
  • Leesa: You have a heart of gold and you're a good mom. LW - If I haven't told you today that I'd be lost without you I suck....because I would be completely lost without your advice!
  • Russ: I love that you are going to be coming to visit us on Thanksgiving! Seriously...you are so lucky to have me as a slaw!
  • Erin: (who deserves the best picture response ever...which you'll never see because it's my blog...and longest response ever award)  What do I love about you? Hmmm...Let me think. I love the fact that you are so genuine and funny. You are witty and outgoing - I don't think you have ever met a stranger! You are such a good mother - this is obvious in how you act with your "stinker" and how you love to spend time with him. You are an outstanding daughter. You do so much more than most people. Besides caring for E, you also take on the responsibility of caring for your mom. Not a lot of people can say they do that and many aren't even capable of doing that!  You have been through so much in your life, with your dad, mom, Easton and the few “arses” that showed up along the way.  You are a strong person and you need to realize that.  I know it’s hard going through breakups, but you can overcome this.  Look at all of the obstacles you have tackled so far in your 30.75 years of life!  Love you friend! OMG OMG OMG....I think I'm on an Erin High....you are too perfect a friend!
  • Shelly: You are happy all the time! You have a great attitude toward life! You are an inspiration and I adore you!
  • Carol: I love how you are always happy to see me and you give me a BIG OLE HUG to prove it! You're the only one I hug....honest....just ask Jacob!
  • Aaron - The old you that was naive and happy-go-lucky! I'm still naive and happy-go-lucky turd!
  • Tara: That you are a caring person, always there when needed, makes beautiful babies, likes chik-a-lay, and full of jokes. I have so much fun with you! And I'm so proud of you! You are amazing!
  • And last but not definitely least Abby: (who gets the "You know way too much about me" award) You ALWAYS have fun stories; no matter what the situation, you can always find something to laugh about; I never know what's going to come out of your mouth; you know when all the best deals are going on and you share that info with fellow shopaholics; and finally - Marsha Farsha! You let me say whatever I want...and half of what I say comes from you anyway! Grow some balls people!

Yes, I fished for compliments....hoping I could laugh at myself with my friends...instead I got an overwhelming response of why my friends love me...they accept me for the dipstick I am and for that I am grateful. Besides my child you all make me smile and keep my world turning...but you totally suck at being funny...we need to work on this. Schmucks! **HUGS**

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