Teach me how to Gundy

The greatest Homecoming celebration in the history of ever happened this past weekend. Tons of fun, family, friends, food, football....it was an amazing weekend and I'm glad I got to share it with my little man.
We totally skipped the walkaround because I'm a mom that a) didn't want to fight the crowds with a toddler and b) was already dealing with a toddler hyped up on sugar thanks to the Halloween school party - yay! So I opted to get the kid to bed so we could get up early for the parade.
Me: E are you excited about the parade?
E: No
Me: Bummer - do you want to get donuts?
E: Can we go to the parade now? (the kid knows his priorities!)
Then after a failed attempt for a quick nap BEFORE the game we headed to meet Kris. Now the best part of the day happened at this point - and I failed to snap a photo. We parked at the Library Annex and rode the bus to the tailgate....E was in HEAVEN....holy craptastic! He was so excited to ride the bus it was hilarious! "Mom we're going....here we go!!"
Before we sat down at the tailgate we wandered over to the bouncy thingy so E could exert some energy - no nap = deliriousness! I snapped a few photos to which E kept wanting to look at and remind me that, "that was so much fun mom" Yes dear - I know punkin!
After we ate and mingled - yes Kris I know everyone because I've lived here for 30 yrs, and I'm super cool - we headed to our seats. E loved "the big tvs", and by loved I mean I'll be looking to purchase a eleventy billion inch tv because "we need one mom!" We watched the players stretch and the band march...and then when all the smoke was coming from the tunnel....holy crap they're coming and hell's coming with them eeepp!!! ...E fell asleep...yes, with all the noise and craziness going on, my child was dead weight while I stood....no one sits down at these things! My. Arms. Are. Killing. Me. Still. Such a good game though! We whooped Baylor 59-24...what a thrill! 8-0...Love my Pokes!!
We ended the weekend at the church Harvest Carnival with some wonderful friends! You don't get any pics yet, because we're trick or treating tonight and I want to show you how adorable my little man is next post.

Lately I've prayed a lot...and a few things are certain...I know why God gave me E and I'm starting to understand what's in store...as scary as it is. But right now, I'm focused on my life with E and just completely blessed beyond words with the people who God has brought into mine and E's life...and the amazing support and kindness they've shown. Just one thing....can you teach me how to Gundy?

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  1. Love you and love E!! I would've never thought that of all the kids at the game HE would be the one asleep! So cute!