So yes, we're all aware that I'm into my horoscope...but who wouldn't be if it said things they wanted to hear? What better way to blow sunshine up anyone's rear than to tell them that their life is perfect and everything is going according to plan...especially if you've had my roller coaster of a life lately...let's be honest!
Well...here's today...and I couldn't be more pleased with it!
"Lately you've been fighting the urge to start any new projects -- but today is finally the right time to embrace a new idea and work on fleshing it out. Initiate something new, and you will get the strong sense of possibility -- the sense that you truly can shape your life in a new way if you want to. Are you afraid of getting what you really want? Nonsense! The universe says that any pathway you start walking down today will lead you to enlightenment."
I know exactly what my new project is and I'm ecstatic to shape my life exactly the way I want....I'm feeling a bit empowered these days...and boy does it feel GOOD!

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  1. Thanks for updating your blog FINALLY! ;) love & miss you! I'm praying that you'll be exactly where God wants you! Sky's the limit!