Bless his heart...

At the end of the day I'm right where I want to be, at home with my tiny sweetheart...which brings me to a fairly funny story...last night while I was getting the little stink to the tub I realized he had a messy pull-up...no worries son, lay down on the floor, mommy to the rescue! (yes I change him on the floor. I have neither the energy, nor the muscle to hoist his hiney up on a changing table, don't judge - he's 3 anyway, he should be using the P-O-T-T-Y gosh darnit!)

Picture this...a 3 year old with a pull-up and tennis shoes on...there is no method to the way we undress at my house...he lays down, I remove the pull-up, wipe his toosh and turn to throw away the mess...when I turn back around, my child who is now only in tennis shoes, is crab-walking all over the place just giggling up a storm and showing the world his "goods"....OMG I hope he only does this at home!

I'm not sure if I should be asking everyone to bless his heart or bless mine...hmmmm?

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