My little Cancer...

So a while ago I posted about my sign and how it really does describe me...almost to a "T"...so as I was a bit taken back by how creepy and dead on my zodiac sign was....I checked out E's...here's what I have to look forward to...
  • As a cancer you sometimes get negative on life for no reason.
  • Cancers are romantics and are difficult to deal with in the beginning, but once in love, they're easy to get along with.
  • Although cancers have pride in their skills, they frequently find themselves uncertain.
  • Cancers are very predictable and usually stick to routine.
  • Cancers can peer into the hearts of people and determine their inner thoughts and wishes.
  • Cancers are best at picking the perfect moment to do or say something.
  • As a cancer you don't like it when you're pressured to say or do something or when you are put on the spot.
  • Cancers will choose someone who can understand them as best as possible.
  • Cancers can always spot the difference between sincere compliments and the ones intended simply to persuade.
  • As a cancer you appear cool and composed but underneath you may feel unsure of yourself and not good enough.
  • Cancer is a faithful friend and will give up their own comfort to help out another.
  • Even though Cancers like new things, they love what they already have.
And my favorite...
  • As a Cancer you're not one to initiate a fight, but you're a fierce opponent when provoked.
Awesome...this explains soooooooo much!

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