Looking for humor...

Okay...so this week I finally got INTO my 30's.....yaaaaay!!!

And it hasn't been so bad...except the whole ex introducing his girlfriend of 3 months to my child...but then again I guess 3 months IS a serious relationship to a 22 yr old...so whatever...I'm looking for the humor in my daily shenanigans with the ex...he's not taking anything seriously...so why should I? Bleh...but seriously...I'm learning to relax and find the humor in his stupidity...this should be fun! We all know what he's thinking with...and I think we can all agree it's NOT his head :::smiley face wink:::

I haven't even cried about it...although I did manage to make my friend cry about it. She feels so bad for the crap I have to deal with...and bless her heart, because I totally agree that dealing with him is ridiculous...but really...what can I do? I have many more years to come of dealing with his craptastic antics...so here's to a life that will NEVER fall short of entertaining...and the urge to slap the crap out of someone :::raises glass...clink:::

I know that E is only 3...and with a little grace and a lot of luck he won't remember his dad ever acting like a tard...at least I pray that he's as naive as his mama! I want him to look for the good in people...and trust that people are honest...and I want him to STILL look for the good in people when they prove to NOT be honest. I want him to stand up for what's right...even if it means he stands alone. I want him to know that people do stupid things without thinking about them...but I also want him to know that those stupid things aren't okay...that you need to think about what you're doing...you need to be aware that every choice you make has an impact on others...good or bad.

Here's the humor for today...I was messaging the ex's mother, discussing next week and my concern with leaving E with them because of what had happened yesterday....and she literally messaged "I hope that one day you'll be happy..." whuck!?!?!? Why does everyone in that family think I'm not happy? Because I feel like what they're doing and how they're handling this is slightly on the careless side? I'm extremely disappointed in a lot of their choices...but I understand that I can't control them...I have to accept that they don't see things my way. I just wish they'd understand that I AM happy. I'm home with my child every night...the only good thing about my ex...is home with ME every night. Just because I'm not jumping into a relationship doesn't mean I'm not happy.

The ex and I are polar opposites...it's glaringly obvious at this point...I don't need to go from relationship to relationship...I'm completely capable of standing on my own two feet...of taking care of my responsibilities before myself. He's not...he can't be "single"...it's impossible...just ask his family...they'll even tell you about his "track record"...and that's what I think is humorous...that everyone (but me) is okay with him being stupid about things because that's "just him"...whatever...he can date who he wants...he can do what he wants...but my child is better than the choices he's making...and my child deserves better than what he's getting. The ex is turning out to be more like his tard cousin than I realized...and I'm sorry...but I refuse to let the ex treat my child like his cousin treated his son. And as of yesterday I don't trust him anymore...and I'm putting my foot down, for my child...I may not be able to control the situation...but by golly I'm not going to just sit back and let him drag my child through his crap.

So have a good laugh at my expense...because I can almost guarantee that this is just the beginning...and it's going to get MUCH more entertaining. So grab your soda, your candy and your popcorn...sit back with me...and enjoy the show...because those of you who know me will be laughing at the same crap :::smiley face wink:::

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