I hope God has a sense of humor...

because if he doesn't I'm in trouble!

I was texting a friend yesterday about her uber cute friend that just so happens to live in CO...and in one of the pictures on his facebook he's shirtless....needless to say he's got a nice....uh....hat on in the picture...

So our conversation went a little something like this...

Rachel - Brett's going to CO for something on Friday
Me - Can I go with Brett and play with uber cute friend of yours while he's doing his thing
Rachel - :::sending pics through text of uber cute friend:::
Rachel - He's 4 hours away
Me - Totally worth the drive I'm sure
Rachel - OK
Me - Yay!! I totally won't freak him out ;-)
Rachel - He might like it
Me - :::::SMILE::::
Me - Hi uber cute friend of Rachel's - can you take your shirt off? K thx
Rachel - You're awesome
Me - I know, right?

Anyway...on my drive home I seriously  had to stop and think....I wonder if God has a sense of humor. Did he think to himself, "Dang it Cara! You know better than to joke about that!" Or do you think maybe he just giggled and shook his head thinking, "OMH you're such a nerd!"

In any case....I'm hoping it was the latter...because I have a slightly sarcastic personality...yeah....slightly....

Anyway....going to repent now....be back later ::::smiley face wink:::

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