Today sucked...

to say the least.

Apparently I didn't get the memo that nothing would go right today and everything would get twisted. I'm putting one foot in front of the other here people...I'm doing the best I can, without alcohol...give me a break.

Things change...and I have no control over that...but I'm tired of being told to get over it or to deal with it...no one's telling the problem to do anything...which I know is because I'm the one that makes it happen...I'm the only one that is dealing with this crap...and I'm the only one looking out for E. But freakin A...cut me some slack...if you don't want to choose sides, fine....but you need to be able to at least back someone...because I can't be the only one who thinks that somethings wrong here and needs to be dealt with...but I can't be the one who is solely responsible for dealing with it either.

I've been trying to move forward for the last few months....someone else is the reason we're at a standstill here...and I refuse to be held accountable for that.

UGH! Tomorrow better be better!

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