Never without children...

Okay....so it's uber early on NYE....and I can't sleep. No worries...this is totally normal when E's not at home. Grandma took him for the weekend so I could try and have a normal Single Mom type of new years...which totally means playing cards with the girls in Mickey's garage...with her jet engine of a heater....wine...beer....and her belting singing a combination of The Lonely Island and Brad Paisley...I've said it before and I'll say it again...who wouldn't want to be me and live my glamorous life? I. Don't. Know.

BUT this is good...my friends are always there asking me to do something when they know I'm E-less....because let's be honest...no one wants me sitting at home doing ANOTHER load of laundry and checking my phone every 5 seconds to see if Grandma sent me a pic of my sweetheart...but seriously...how stinkin cute is my sweetheart?!?!?!?

I had Friday off and was planning on getting my nails fixed prettified so I quit looking like a 9 yr old girl who picks at her nail polish....so I ended up taking a friends daughters with me to get manicures for their Christmas present....and Ro likes to let me live vicariously through her because I play in the dirt and with cars and trains all the time. Love my boy....but manicures with him are a no-go.

I love Ro's girls...they are SO fun...and they say the funniest things...which I can't repeat what Sister says because I get her in trouble...she's a HOOT! And Bay is such a sweetheart....she's so quiet and reserved and just loves to listen to me talk...and they both smile ALL the TIME....they melt you...I loves them!

After mani's I headed to my favorite place to volunteer....Multi...we call it volunteering...but it's really just another friend who occupies my time...Rachel loves to put me to work and oddly enough I enjoy what she asks me to do...although there are days I feel more like a janitor than a super cute helper :::looks up and ponders::: oh well...I guess it keeps me busy so who cares. Yesterday she had an easy job for me, prepping a mailer....intense I know. So I turned on the tv....to watch QVC and HSN...because the city only gives you so many channel options and let's be honest....day time tv SUCKS...and Rach pulled up YouTube....a winning combination for everyone :::smiley face wink:::

No worries...the fun didn't stop there...after work volunteering ended we headed to get her baby...realizing that it doesn't matter if my child is with me or not...I'm always with someone who has a child....except with Amber Dawn...but she only likes to hang out with me when I have E anyway...anywhooo, we get Mr K and head to shop a bit...but Mr K was NOT in the mood to shop...so we quit, got pizza and headed home to watch a movie...which played in the background...but we were too busy being entertained by Mr K trying to walk in my boots and Rach was making cookies...we all suffer from short attention spans... 

The rest of the night was spent planning our next road trip to CO....seriously...can't get enough of that state right now...Love. It. One of these days I may not come back from CO...

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  1. We've got some cute kids!!! And I LOVE my volunteer!!!! What would I do without you???